Bali Massage

A blend of therapeutic Swedish techniques coupled with Deep Tissue will ease your chronic tension and bring you relief. Your therapist will customize your massage to relax your body and mind.  Neck, Back, & Shoulder is available in the 25min massage. All other times are full body.

25 min     $40         Series of 4     $144     (save $16)

55 min     $75         Series of 4     $270    (save $30)

75 min      $95        Series of 4     $342    (save $38)

90 min      $120     Series of 4     $432     (save $48)

*Add Sinus Rescue Relief   $15

This blend of essential oil is an excellent add on to any massage to relieve congestion and tension.

Hot Stone Massage   $95    (75min)                                                                                          

A deep heated massage using smooth heated basalt stones. This massage will melt away the tension in your muscles.  A great stress reliever!

Raindrop Massage   $95   (75min)                                                                                          

This aromatic massage is designed to concentrate on the upper body. Nine essential oils are applied along the spine to promote good health. A butterfly stroke massage follows with warm towel compresses.

Prenatal Massage   $85 (55min)                                                                                        

Using a special pillow, the therapist will help relieve your discomfort and relax you and your baby. Available after 1st trimester.

Bellabaci Cupping $30  (30min)

Flexible medical grade silicone cup that glides to remove toxins through the lymphatic system. This calming and relaxing service is just what your upper body needs.

Wullstone Therapy Heated Massage  $40 (30min)

Heated ceramic paddles have a red far-infrared light that penetrates and relaxes the upper body and shoulders helping your muscles relax. This heated therapy red light goes deep into the muscle without the force of a deep massage. This treatment will rock you to sleep.

Sandalwood Hand & Foot Reflexology  $75 ( 55min)   $40 (30min)

The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are “reflex” areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body.  This modality helps to relieve pain, promote relaxation and well being to your body.


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